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Gerrit Muller, PhD.

KSEE Project Manager
Email: gerrit.muller@gmail.com

Professor Buskerud University College
Gerrit Muller, originally from the Netherlands, received his Master’s degree in physics from the University of Amsterdam in 1979. He worked from 1980 until 1997 at Philips Medical Systems as a system architect, followed by two years at ASML as a manager of systems engineering, returning to Philips (Research) in 1999. Since 2003 he has worked as a senior research fellow at the Embedded Systems Institute in Eindhoven, focusing on developing system architecture methods and the education of new system architects, receiving his doctorate in 2004. In January 2008 he became a full professor of systems engineering at Buskerud University College in Kongsberg, Norway.
All information (System Architecture articles, course material, curriculum vitae) can be found at: Gaudí systems architecting

Ole Hoen

KSEE Steering Committee Member
Volvo Aero Norge, Manager Technology, R&D
Email: ole.hoen@volvo.com

Kirsten Helle

KSEE Steering Committee Member
FMC Technologies
Email: kirsten.helle@fks.fmcti.com

Even Engebakken

KSEE Steering Committee Member
Volvo Aero Norge

Even Engebakken received his BSc in Mechatronics from Buskerud University College in 2006 and in 2010 he received his MSc in Systems Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is currently employed as a Systems Engineer in the R&D Department at Volvo Aero Norge AS.

Currently involved in production line design projects and factory layout.

Christopher Carlsen


KSEE 2011 Steering Committee Member


FMC Technologies, Manager Sales and Projects, Intervention and Connection
Email: Christopher.Carlsen@fks.fmcti.com

Bjørn Victor Larsen

KSEE Steering Committee Member
Email: Bjoern.Victor.Larsen@kongsberg.com
Bjørn Victor Larsen graduated with a Ba.Sci with Hon. in Computer Science from Heriot Watt University in Scotland 1987. Worked at Kongsberg Datatjenester AS as a Software developer from 1988 and continued as a software developer for FMC metering department from 1992. Employed at Kongsberg Defence Systems (KDA) since 1996. Currently employed as Principal Engineer with the Missile Business area and engaged as a systems engineer in the Joint Strike Missile program. Previously engaged as software developer, software architect and systems engineer with the Naval Strike Missile program.