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2016 Program Committee

Kongsberg Systems Engineering Event Program Committee 2016:

Bjørn Victor Larsen, KDA Bjoern.Victor.Larsen@kongsberg.com
Kirsten  Helle, FMC Kirsten.Helle@fmcti.com
Tom Holtermann Andersen, Data respons tha@datarespons.no
Daniel Opstad, KDA Asker Daniel.opstad@Kongsberg.com
Espen Polanscak, GKN espen.polanscak@gknaerospace.com
Daniel A. Jensen, KM daj@live.no
Anders Fuglesteg Nilsen, Devotek AF@devotek.com
Frode Nilsson, Tekna Frode@teknakongsberg.no
Rolf Naurdanet, GE rolf.nordaunet@ge.com
Cecilia Haskins, INCOSE cecilia.haskins@ntnu.no
Lars Meskestad, KM Lars.Meskestad@km.kongsberg.com
June Hosøy Andersen, GKN junehosand@gmail.com
Simen Bilstad Klungland, HSN: Industrial Economy simen_bk@hotmail.com
Emilie Folvik Aune, HSN: Industrial Economy emilieaune@hotmail.com
Silja Sverreson, HSN Silja.Sverreson@hbv.no
Hans Christian Herstad, INCOSE hans.erstad@gmail.com
Gunnar Berge, special guest gunnarkb@gmail.com

Bjornar D. Doviken

KSEE 2013 Project Manager

Email: b.doviken@gmail.com

Bjornar is a bachelor student at HiBu, studying mechanical engineering with product development. He has current plans of pursuing a master’s degree in Systems Engineering.

Background: Bjornar studied during high school “Technical And Industrial Production” and “Industrial Technology”, before he began his course at HiBu.

KSEE – Connecting Breadth With Depth

KSEE is an annual event held in Kongsberg, Norway,  where industrial leaders, professional societies, master’s degree students  and other associated representatives meet to share ideas and opinions, regarding the latest hot topics in the systems engineering field.

The Speakers and audience gather at HSN in Kongsberg for two days of brainstorming and fun, to lift every participant to a new level of advancement in the presented disciplines.

Eton Williams

KSEE 2012 Project Manager

Email: eton.williams@gmail.com

Eton is a bachelor student at HiBu studying electrical and computer engineering of the class of 2013. He has worked as a field officer and international youth delegate with national Red Cross Societies of Jamaica and Norway 2002-2004. Served as the national president of the International Students Union of Norway 2005-2007.

Frode Fekjær Nilsson

Steering Committee Member
FMC Technologies
Master in ICT, Information and Communication Technology
Email: frode@webteknikk.no
Tlf: 944 999 49

Pictures of Systems Engineering

The pictures are from FMC Technologies, Volvo Aero Norge and Kongsberg Maritime..

Pictures from previous events

Pictures from our previous event.


Kongsberg is a famous town in the central part of Norway historically related to technology. Its roots go back to 1614, when silver was discovered by two small children. Today, it is one of the most technologically intense towns in Norway, home to large world class companies such as FMC Technologies, Kongsberg Gruppen and Volvo Aero. Many other small and medium-size companies contribute to its reputation as a concentration of advanced technology in Norway.

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Gunnar Berge

Steering Committee Member
Email: gunnar.kristian.berge@hibu.no
Tlf: 414 941 37

Industry Professor Systems Engineering

After receiving a BSc Hons. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Glasgow, Gunnar received his Master in Systems Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York. He had started to work towards a PhD in SE, when he left for ComComp Inc., Long Island, as Director of Research.

He worked at  Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk and Kongsberg Defence&Aerospace for three decades, as Development Manager, Project Manager, Product Manager and Vice President Space and Avionics,practising SE,  before retiring from Industry. He then  joined the BUC team to build up the Systems Engineering Masters Program, in cooperation with Stevens Institute of Technology.