Radical innovation in Statoil – the SpecTECHular story – Steinar Wasa Tverlid, Statoil

Radical innovation in Statoil – the SpecTECHular story – Steinar Wasa Tverlid, Statoil

Title: Radical innovation in Statoil – the SpecTECHular story

Full presentation here: The SpecTECHular story

Abstract: “He who does not advance loses ground” – an old saying.  Changes take focus and effort.  Radical changes even more so – and differently. Changes can be imposed on you from the outside, in which case the impact normally turns negative.  But you can also take the lead and turn changes to your advantage – competitive advantage.  There is nothing between.

Statoil has run a pilot on radical innovation called Statoil SpecTECHular for almost 3 years.  The group composition and work method is different from the rest of the company – the same can be said about the output.  This is our story – our success and struggle, our experience and dreams.

Biography: Driving to work in his 23 year old Mercedes more or less daily for the 19th consecutive year in different countries to different companies, Steinar Wasa Tverlid appreciates quality all the way from fundamental theoretical understanding to regular hands-on care of engineering products, firmly believing that the entire scale is necessary to develop practical and robust new solutions.

Steinar works in the corporate innovation team in Statoil as Innovation Specialist.  He has actively proposed new solutions within his main discipline, Drilling&Well, and beyond for about a decade, and has many concepts in the development pipeline both internally and externally.  He is also the founder and manager of a Radical Innovation team in Statoil on the third year.

After a PhD on tribology in the aluminium extrusion process at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Steinar started to work for Hydro Aluminium Extrusion in 1997.  He held various positions within technical service, research & development and project management, based in several European countries.  In the same period he was also the manufacturing manager and deputy director of a machine shop for 2 years making steel extrusion dies for the aluminium industry.  He went from the aluminium industry to Hydro Oil&Energy in 2004 working with drilling technology.

Steinar is married with 3 children 1 to 7 years old and lives on Bjorøy outside Bergen.  He has a genuine interest in people, culture and languages, and speaks Norwegian, English and French fluently, manages well on Spanish and German, and has (had) knowledge on Italian, Japanese and Russian.