“Realizing Enterprise Knowledge Management” – Frank Lillehagen, Commitment AS

“Realizing Enterprise Knowledge Management” – Frank Lillehagen, Commitment AS

Speaker: Frank Lillehagen

Title: Realizing Enterprise Knowledge Management

Find the presentation here: Realizing Enterprise Knowledge Management

Abstract: In order to realize knowledge assets and manage their life­cycles enterprises must discover the multi­dimensional nature of enterprise knowledge spaces and workspaces, and be able to execute knowledge models federated in active knowledge architecture. Graphic modelling of agile approaches, adaptive methods, extendable platforms and emergent solutions can then be done by teams of architects, designers, workers and users. Examples and values harvested will be presented.

Biography: Frank is since 2007 R&D manager at Commitment AS. He started his career in 1969 programming the database of the Autokon ship design system. In the late 1980s he was one of the pioneers in Enterprise Architecture with the invention of the METIS modelling platform.

In the early-1990s, working with leading designers in Volvo Cars and Boeing Aircraft, he conceived the first Active Knowledge Modelling concepts, methods and tools.

In 1991 METIS received the Innovative Product of the Year Award from the Norwegian Research Foundation. He has published over 80 papers, and co-authored two books. Frankreported on the foundations of Active Knowledge Modelling (AKM) as early as 1993, and the book Active Knowledge Modelling of Enterprises was published in 2008. Frank has leading competence in Enterprise Modelling, Enterprise Architecture, Active Knowledge Architecture, Product Design, Holistic Design, Collaborative Networking, and  Enterprise Knowledge Management.

Publications: Active Knowledge Architecture: What Systems Engineering Need to Embrace

The Nature of Enterprise Knowledge (http://activeknowledgemodeling.com/)