2010: The Balancing Act of Productification, Gerrit Muller

Speaker:  Gerrit Muller, Hibu

Presentation: Gerrit Muller- Balancing Act Of Productification

Many companies struggle how to benefit from similarities between projects, systems or products. We see that project oriented companies try to benefit from similarities by creating products that perform often used functions. Companies delivering catalogue products try to benefit from similarities between products by standardizing components or platforms internally. In practice all these attempts are only partially successful; practice turns out to be more difficult than theory.
We will illustrate the balancing act with examples from Health Care.

Email: gerrit.muller@gmail.com
Professor Buskerud University College
Gerrit Muller, originally from the Netherlands, received his Master’s degree in physics from the University of Amsterdam in 1979. He worked from 1980 until 1997 at Philips Medical Systems as a system architect, followed by two years at ASML as a manager of systems engineering, returning to Philips (Research) in 1999. Since 2003 he has worked as a senior research fellow at the Embedded Systems Institute in Eindhoven, focusing on developing system architecture methods and the education of new system architects, receiving his doctorate in 2004. In January 2008 he became a full professor of systems engineering at Buskerud University College in Kongsberg, Norway.

All information (System Architecture articles, course material, curriculum vitae) can be found at: Gaudí systems architecting