2009: Multidisciplinary Co-operation – Should we go UP or DOWN?, Maarten Bonnema

There is an inherent conflict in complex system design. This conflict relates to the information depth and width that occurs. Complex systems by definition incorporate many subsystems that generally span several engineering domains. Also, there are several hierarchical layers to split a design in work packages that can be handled by single designers.
It is impossible for a human to know everything of such a system. This is where the system architect, or system designer comes in. He should have a broad view on the system, and sufficient in-depth information. With this information, the specialist designers are steered and monitored. On the other side, the system designer has to meet the customer’s needs.
In the presentation a few approaches are treated that help to handle the large size of information in such a way that the interests of the customer, the specialist designer and the system designer are met. These approaches include linking types of models, and using a higher level model that bases on functions, key drivers and system budgets

G Maarten Bonnema,
Abstract of presentation at KSEE 2009