2009 Best Student Paper: Technological Mapping and Front-end Engineering Processes, Dag Jostein

As a part of my master project in systems engineering I was investigating the front-end engineering process which includes need analysis, stakeholder identification, stakeholder requirements, concept generation and the concept selection phase. The purpose of my paper was to show a concept selection process that can be implemented in the engineering process used within FCM Technologies. As a case study it has been investigated how concepts for a new connector can be developed. The connector is used for electrical power and control between two assemblies in the subsea production system. Methods like Technological Roadmapping, Interviews and Pugh matrix are used during this process. Technology Roadmapping is a technique that provides a form of technology planning which is useful in dealing with increasingly competitive environments. Technology Roadmapping should be utilized to establish a benchmark of engineering complexity and development to produce the optimum solution. The proposal for the front-end engineering process was found to be adaptable in different levels of technology development.

Dag Jostein